It is this combination of expert human attention coupled with highly-sophisticated computer hardware and software that allows you to create same-day online reports anytime you want them. Track advertising activity across radio stations in one or multiple markets. Information can be tracked by Account, Parent, and Category. Examine any radio station’s log of spots as aired, and listen to the creative.

Why you will profit from this powerful Radio tool:
  • Great for prospecting; generate instant sales leads
  • Advertising campaign verification
  • Make powerful decisions with current information
  • Create competitive intelligence reports
What our Radio service provides:
  • Same-day Radio data availability
  • Immediate access to occurrence and creative all in one system
  • Powerful online search tools for Radio stations in your market
  • One-click data export to Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to generate reports whenever you want

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Radio Monitoring

See and hear same-day radio spot logs

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